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Hey friends, so I tried out the Opalescence 35% strength teeth whitening gel this week, and I'm seeing results already.ALTERNATIVE HIGH STRENGTH TEETH WHITEN.. For Opalescence 35%, remove the tray after a maximum of 30 minutes. According to Opalescence instructions, the 35% treatment can be done up to twice a day but to avoid excessive tooth and gum irritation we recommend only once a day. Quick reference Opalescence instructions for wear time. Step 4: After removing the trays, brush your teeth normally Review - Opalescence PF 35% Teeth Whitening Syringes. This is a teeth whitening product offered by Opalescence, which is a very famous name in the dental industry. The product aims to give its user a dazzling smile and that too at a very comfortable price. The following is a glimpse into Opalescence as a company Unless directed otherwise by your dentist, wear Opalescence 10% for 8-10 hours or overnight, Opalescence 15% for 4-6 hours, Opalescence 20% for 2-4 hours, and Opalescence 35% for 30 minutes. Remove excess gel with clean finger or soft toothbrush Opalescence 35% for 30 minutes. Remove excess gel with a clean finger and then immediately rinse your fingers off. If significant sensitivity occurs, stop the treatment and consult the dentist. Clean tray with soft brush and cool tap water, then allow the trays to air dry

Opalescence PF 35 is a professional-grade tooth-whitening gel containing 35% carbamide peroxide. Because the product is highly concentrated, you can get the results you want fast—in just 30 minutes! No whitening system is more effective or convenient. What do I get? Opalescence PF 35 Melon includes 4 syringes of white Dr. Collins outlines teeth whitening instructions for people who have purchased 15% Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening from our office.Insta: @TheBracesGuyFacebo.. Hey friends!! I am so impressed with the results of this system. I have never felt this good about my teeth before!!! The whole process took me about 6 wee..


I hate writing bad reviews but sometimes I feel people should know. A friend talked me into this claiming they got her teeth so white and they're 35% peroxide the most you can get without a prescription. I had been using plus white for years and years and didn't know they too were 35% peroxide. Oh my God what a difference oh, that is in price Opalescence PF teeth whitening's easy syringe delivery, five concentrations of carbamide peroxide (10%, 15%, 20%, 35%, and 45%), and three great-tasting flavors (Mint, Melon, and Regular) allow for maximum treatment flexibility based on your patient's needs. Opalescence PF teeth whitening gel is vegan—no animal products are used INSTRUCTIONS FOR TEETH WHITENING WITH OPALESCENCE: BEFORE TREATMENT: ☺ Allow our office to perform a comprehensive examination and X-rays to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. For female patients, whitening is . not. recommended while pregnant or lactating

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Dr. Bryce Barfuss discusses the options available with Opalescence PF for varied wear times to customize based on the preferences of the patient.For more inf.. Starting with a clean slate, as it were, helps maximise the results of teeth whitening, giving you even results across all of your teeth.. 3. Follow the instructions For take-home whitening, it's important to follow the Opalescence teeth whitening instructions that you will be issued with when you leave our clinic with your custom trays and syringes of whitening gel Opalescence teeth whitening is available from dental professionals. This ensures that you receive safe, untampered, and real Opalescence teeth whitening. After a routine exam to ensure you are a good candidate for teeth whitening, your dentist will provide you with the right Opalescence teeth whitening product for your needs Opalescence PF Teeth Whitening Step-By-Step Guide. 1. Express one continuous bead of teeth whitening gel approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the syringe. 2. Place teeth whitening tray over teeth. Gently press tray to move teeth whitening gel into place. Pressing too firmly will force gel out of tray. Wear times will vary. 3 With Opalescence Go teeth whitening trays you can get whiter teeth in just 5-10 days with wear times ranging from 15-60 minutes per day. Kosher certified, gluten free, and available in two flavors, Opalescence Go teeth whitening trays have an option that's right for you. Opalescence PF teeth whitening gel is available only through a.

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  1. I was using the 20% Opalescence that I got from my dentist, but I decided to get the 35% to speed up the bleaching process to match a crown I'll be getting soon. I enjoy being able to wear it for a shorter time, but if this touches your gums, get your tissues ready
  2. Dr. Henry Rued, a Willits, CA dentist provides an instructional video about Opalescence teeth whitening
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  4. Professional results—in the comfort of your own home. With two different concentrations Opalescence take-home whitening gel is perfect for people who want a lot of options. With two different concentrations and three flavors, you can wear Opalescence for as little as 4 hours per day—or even overnight
  5. Opalescence teeth whitening reviews by Laura, Sydney, Australia. This is by far THE best whitening product I have ever used! I used to use Pearl Drops toothpaste and gel until I discovered Opalescence! I am currently using the 20% and when finished, planning to get the 35% for touch ups
  6. Opalescence is distributed by Dentavision, Gunz and Henry Schein Halas in Australia. To find out more or if you're already using Opalescence, visit the link below to be listed on this site or to be contacted by an Opalescence expert

Kristin Reilly D.M.D. PLLC - Opalescence Whitening. Whitening in 7 to 10 days! Our take-home whitening system (Opalescence) is by Ultradent. It comes in three different strengths PF10%, PF15% and PF22%, they all are made with Potassium Nitrate and Fluoride. It is safer and easer then ever to whiten you teeth at home Load gel into your tray in the shape of an O or U into the middle front portion of each tooth that you plan to whiten. Use the gel sparingly. Keep in mind that the 8 syringes provided in the kit contain enough gel for ~15 - 20 separate treatments, or 2-3 weeks. Insert tray and adapt sides of tray against teeth

Opalescence 20% for 2-4 hours, and Opalescence 35% for 30 minutes. Remove excess gel with clean finger or soft toothbrush. Rinse twice; do not swallow rinsed gel. If significant sensitivity occurs, stop treatment and consult your dentist. After whitening, clean tray with soft brush and cool tap water wear Opalescence 10% for 8-10 hours or overnight, Opalescence 15% for 4-6 hours, Opalescence 20% for 2-4 hours, and Opalescence 35% for thirty minutes. Remove Excess gel with clean finger or soft toothbrush

Opalescence Endo is a specially formulated 35% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to whiten endodontically treated, discolored teeth using the walking bleach technique. Once Opalescence Endo is delivered to the pulp chamber, it should be sealed with a temporary cement, and left in the tooth for three to five days. 35% hydrogen peroxide The instructions say use opalescence once a day for 30 minutes, but those are similar instructions to the crest luxe strips, which didn't work for me. To my understanding, 35% Opalescence contains around 11.7% hydrogen peroxide while Crest Luxe Strips contain 10% hydrogen peroxide. Does the extra 1.7% hydrogen peroxide make that much a difference how often to use opalescence 35. Your results may differ due to the nature of discoloration of your teeth. You can utilize the 20-minute smile led light every 17 days, not extra often for daily maintenance and whitening utilize the pen so they're stating every 17 days in the commercial weren't they circling 3 times a month how to use opalescence 35 percent. Your results may differ because of the nature of discoloration of your teeth. You can make use of the 20-minute smile led light every 17 days, not much more regularly for day-to-day upkeep and lightening utilize the pen so they're saying every 17 days in the infomercial weren't they circling around three times a month

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Been using Opalescence 35 all this time. Close. 2. Posted by 3 years ago. Archived. Been using Opalescence 35 all this time. I just noticed that you are only supposed to leave opalescence 35% on for 30 minutes.... When I used it before I used it for overnight while sleeping (around 8 hours), for 2 or 3 days How Often Should I Use Opalescence 35. Snow is a leader on the residence teeth whitening market. The proprietary lightening formula is commended for having the ability to get rid of also the hardest stains without triggering level of sensitivity Frequently asked questions about tooth whitening with Opalescence® and Nite White®. What is the shelf life of Opalescence®? Opalescence® has a shelf life of 24 months refrigerated (12 months un-refrigerated). Recommended refrigeration temperature range is between 36 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit (2 to 8 degrees Celsius)

Opalescence 35% Teeth Whitener. Yellow-colored as well as tarnished teeth do not collection to any type of individual's personality. You might begin concealing them! Your smile might change and also you may experience a lack of confidence due to yellow-colored teeth. If you develop an excellent oral health routine, these issues are available Opalescence® PF 35% Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Bleaching Gel (4 Syringes) Melon Flavored Do not use if you have sensitive teeth. Nothing freshens up your appearance like a whiter, bright smile. Opalescence® is the first ADA accepted, syringe delivered, take-home bleaching gel Use no more than 1/3 to 1/2 of the syringe per tray. Brush teeth before inserting tray. Lightly tap tray to adapt sides to teeth. Unless directed otherwise by your dentist, wear Opalescence 10% for 8-10 hours or overnight, Opalescence 15% for 4-6 hours, Opalescence 20% for 2-4 hours, and Opalescence 35% for 30 minutes 주소: 서울특별시 금천구 가산디지털1로 171 (가산동) SK V1 Center 20층 대표이사: 이계우 사업자등록번호: 107-86-30089 통신판매업신고: 제 2008-서울금천-0345 호 전화: 1588-2872 팩스: 02-6116-280

In Addition to Opalescence Gel You Will Need You may have already guessed it: teeth whitening trays. These are a necessary component to the Opalescence 20, 35, 10, and 15% whitening systems and if you already have a set from your dentist or elsewhere then use those but if you don't, you'll need to pick up a set.This is because, although gel is a take-home whitening kit, it was originally. How does Opalescence teeth whitening work? Dentists use two categories to classify stains on people's teeth: intrinsic or extrinsic stains.Intrinsic stains live beneath the microcracks in your tooth enamel and deep within your dentin (below the enamel) as well, whereas extrinsic stains can be found on the surface of the teeth Whitening Factor. The central difference between Opalescence's 20- and 35-percent lines of whitening gels is higher percentages of PF require less time to whiten teeth 1 2.According to Teeth Whitening Product Reviews, it takes 14 days to complete the whitening program at both 20- and 30-percent PF 2.However, at 35-percent PF, you must wear a mouth tray for one hour a day, as opposed to up to. Opalescence PF 35%: 30 minutes; If you experience any significant sensitivity, stop your treatment and talk to your dentist. Remove tray and use a finger or soft toothbrush to clean any excess gel off your teeth. Rinse your mouth twice being sure not to swallow rinsed gel

Opalescence - Common Questions Home > Tooth Whitening > 157-161) that indicated that when in a pinch, you could bond immediately after bleaching (using up to 35% carbamide peroxide) by applying an acetone-based, A & B mixed- type dentin bonding agent system prior to bonding. 7 continue postoperative attachments to the opalescence pf 35 how of your team place. return Britannica's Publishing Partner Program and our condition of bills to use a protein-coupled frequency for your stock! real-time opalescence phentermine, ago described available agent prognosis total, Dietary study for seismic staff increase( or same transduction artery), still been by control

Opalescence 35% 4pk - Mint. $28.95. 26 Review (s) | Add Your Review. Availability: In stock. Opalescence PF 35% was the first ADA-accepted, syringe delivered, take-home bleaching gel. 35% Carbamide Peroxide Strength. Mint or Melon Flavor. Email to a Friend. Share Facebook Opalescence manufactures a line of take-home and in-office whitening products, all of which require a prescription from your dentist. The percentage in the product line refers to the amount of potassium fluoride (PF) used to whiten teeth. You can find the 20- and 35-percent varieties in take-home kits オフィスホワイトニング材: オパールエッセンスブーストはシリンジ内で薬材を混合させる、オフィスホワイトニング材です。個人差はありますが約1時間から2時間の施術で結果を得られます。 過酸化水素35%(混合前の過酸化水素濃度) 赤いジェル(薬材)は歯面で見やすく、はっきりと塗布.

OPALESCENCE PF 35% Teeth Whitening Gel 4 Syringe Mint- Free Shipping - $35.60. FOR SALE! Opalescence PF 35% Teeth Whitening Gel 4 Syringe Mint- Free Shipping Opalescence 33403008180 Opalescence Endo non-vital whitening gel is formulated specifically to whiten non-vital endodontically treated teeth using the walking bleach technique. 35% hydrogen peroxide. Easy to place inside pulp chamber. 1-5 day treatment. Note: Not intended for use in traumatized teeth, any sign of cervical resorption, or after previous multiple. Opalescence 35% is my personal favorite choice and the whitening gel I use. Opalescence is known for their whitening products in the dental industry. I've gotten amazing results using their. First off, this article will cover Opalescence instructions for the safe and intended use of Opalescence 35, 20, 15, and 10% PF carbamide peroxide concentrations 50. If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about Opalescence then check out our main articles: Opalescence 20 and Opalescence 35 The Best Whitening website is a teeth

The use of Opalescence does not entail the exposure of tissues other than the teeth to toxicologically significant concentrations of H 2 O 2. Questions of safety of particular relevance to dentist Love Opalescence 35% !!!! September 27, 2018. This is by far the best whitening product on the market! I love the fact that it noticeably whitens my teeth with the 1st use. I quickly dispense a line of gel inside my custom (dentist made) trays which fit my teeth and mouth perfectly

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Lightly tap tray to adapt sides to teeth. Unless directed otherwise, wear Opalescence 10% for 8-10 hours or overnight, Opalescence 15% for 4-6 hours, Opalescence 20% for 2-4 hours, and Opalescence 35% for thirty minutes. How long does Opalescence go take to work? Wear 10% for 30 to 60 minutes, and 15% for 15 to 20 minutes Opalescence 35% 4 Pack. was £59.95. Save 25% £44.95. Buy Now. On Sale. Opalescence 35% 4 Pack. Opalescence 35% 4 Pack. was £59.95. Save 25% £44.95. Buy Now. On THANK YOU OPALDENT MY TEETH ARE SO MUCH WHITER NOW IM USING YOUR 35% AND I ONLY WEAR IT FOR 30 MINUTES A DAY. Sarah - Essex. About Us. We are based in Guernsey, Channel. Opalescence, South Jordan, Utah. 11,503 likes · 44 talking about this · 3 were here. Opalescence tooth whitening products are available in various deliveries and concentrations so you can select the.. Opalescence® 1,2ml 16% CP Whitening Gel x 4 Syringes Mint. £30,00 £21,90 Total Price/No VAT! Add to basket OPALESCENCE 35% PF MINT REFILL KIT for - Compare prices of 7554 products in Oral Care from 98 Online Stores in Australia. Save with MyShopping.com.au

Fluoride prevents tooth decay; however, it does not whiten teeth. According to California Dental Association, products that contain 15 percent or more peroxide should only be administered by a professional. If your whitening regimen will be done at home, a customized tray of your mouth will be molded so you can whiten your teeth One-Pieces, Overalls & Jum Uniforms. Clothing Set Opalescence 35 is the newest product in a powerful line of tooth whitening gels from Ultradent. The company already has an established reputation in tooth whitening gels from their tried and proven carbamide peroxide gel concentrations of 10, 15, and 20%. 35% is a significant step up from the others and consequently, requires a much shorter treatment time

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Opalescence PF 35% was designed for the patient with a busy lifestyle who prefers to whiten at home. Opalescence PF 35% is recommended for 30 minutes, once a day with results in 5-10 days. Using Opalescence PF technology, the patient experiences whitening results with less sensitivity while rebuilding enamel and preventing caries Opalescence 35 may be the latest product inside a effective type of teeth whitening gels from Ultradent. The organization already comes with an established status in teeth whitening gels using their attempted and proven teeth whitening gel levels of 10, 15, and 20%. 35% is really a significant step-up in the others and therefore, needs a much shorter treatment time Opalescence PF 35% Teeth Whitening 8pk of Mint flavor syringes (Latest product) Posted by Unknown on Saturday, March 29, 2014 This is an amazing product to use for whitening your teeth...I have been using Opalescence for sever years now, and will continue using this for the rest of my life!! Opalescence Whitening System. Opalescence is a powerful tooth bleaching gel from Ultradent, based on carbamide peroxide gel with potassium nitrate and fluoride (PF). It comes in different carbamide peroxide concentrations from 10%, 15%, 20%, and their newest option, 35%


Using instructions Opalescence® DESCRIPTION: Opalescence® is a dentist-controlled, dentist supervised, takehome bleaching system, dispensed in syringes. It is a clear, flavored, high viscosity, sticky, 10% (3.6% HP) and 16% (5.8% HP) carbamide peroxide gel with potassium nitrate an My fav. About. Contac Five Reasons You Should Be Using Opalescence® Whitening Toothpaste 0 832 Whether you've just finished whitening your teeth or you'd like to try a whitening toothpaste before taking on a formal whitening regimen, Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste will do the trick I'm using 15% strength Opalescence. I'm afraid they're going to whiten and irritate my gums. They extend well past my teeth and I'm just realizing this now and am pretty upset I paid 200$ for incorrect fitting trays. 2 EXPERT ANSWERS Opalescence, Haplotype 35, Critical opalescence, Kamov Ka-35, Psalm 35, Leonel da Silva Araujo, ECMA-35, Mitsubishi GT

Opalescence sticky formula, the gel will stick to teeth and not seep out over the molds irritating the gums. The benefits of using opalescence teeth whitening gel are. 1. This is a clinical proven teeth whitening gel 2. Simple to use and apply 3. Sticky formula, stops gel seeping over mold and irritating gums 4. Patented formula minimizes. Opalescence® Tooth Whitening Systems Description: The Opalescence tooth whitening system is intended to be dentist-supplied and supervised. The whitening agents are clear, flavored, high-viscosity, sticky, peroxide containing gels. The agents are available in 10%, 15%, and 20% carbamide peroxide, and in 35% and 45% carbamide peroxide. The 35% works quickly. I left on for 30 mins twice and my teeth are at my desired whiteness. Keep in mind I wasn't going for the bright white fake teeth look. The advantage to 35% over 20% is it doesn't need to be used for hours. The disadvantage is you need to be VERY careful not to overapply to trays so that it spills out onto gums Opalescence? PF 35% Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Bleaching Gel (8 Syringes) Mint Flavored Do not use if you have sensitive teeth. Nothing freshens up your appearance like a whiter, bright smile. Opalescence? is the first ADA accepted, syringe delivered, take-home bleaching gel

Danger, Use the 35% PF Opalescence Gel with pro fitted trays. This teeth whitening gel has a patent-protected formula which will cut back the risks of decay and cavities, and minimize sensitivity. The opalescence tooth paste will brighten teeth with in a month, using both the gels and toothpaste will give lasting tooth whiteness Teeth Whitening Instructions for use with professional bleaching gel and whitening trays. Important Disclaimers: Please read before using tooth whitening bleaching gel. These are general recommendations and may vary between manufacturers. Please read the manufacturers instructions and use this as a friendly guide i Using a higher-concentration whitener. - Most manufacturers make their products in a range of concentrations. We've seen carbamide peroxide products ranging from 10 to 44%. Maximizing the length of your treatment sessions. - If your whitener suggests 2 to 4-hour sessions, take advantage of the full 4 Opalescence Quick PF Home Whitening Kit 45%. Clinical whitening with 45% carbamide peroxide for tray application, for the fastest and safest results (always under clinical supervision).. With rapid application of the highly concentrated formulation, it is able to provide fully supervised clinical treatment with the typical simplicity of bucket administration

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ultradent opalescence go opalescence 35% using expired opalescenceopalescence storage opalescence 10 instructions opalescence go 15 review opalescence go uk opalescence whitening instructions Amazon.com : NEW!!! Opalescence Treswhite Supreme 15% Mint : Tooth Whitening Products : Beauty. Instructions for Using a Teeth Whitening Strip. eHow Opalescence PF 35% Teeth Whitening Gel 8 Syringe Mint- Free Shipping | Health & Beauty, Oral Care, Whitening | eBay Then we were ready to initiate the whitening treatment with Opalescence TM PF tooth whitening gel with 16% carbamide peroxide (Ultradent Products) and specific custom trays. As the patient still needed additional aesthetic treatments, we went ahead with the whitening the lower teeth 35 - 45 and the upper teeth 15 - 12 and 22 - 25. Tooth 16 was. How to use opalescence go youtube.Wear time depends on which concentration of opalescence whitening you use. I would recommend that new users keep the solution on for less time in the beginning, gradually building up tolerance. The results you achieve by using opalescence will be different to me

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Opalescence 35 from Fishpond.co.nz online store. Millions of products all with free shipping New Zealand wide. Lowest prices guaranteed 99 (£8.50/count) Save more with Subscribe & Save. Get it Tomorrow, Aug 2. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. Teeth Whitening Kit- GLAMADOR Professional Teeth Whitening Gel Kit- 12 * Teeth Whitening Gel, 3 * Soothing Gel, Dental Floss, Dental Tray- Effective,Painless, Perfect Home Dental Care Hydrogen peroxide is roughly 3.5 times stronger than carbamide peroxide. The legal limit for carbamide peroxide as a teeth bleach in the UK is 16%, for hydrogen peroxide it is 6%. Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide Peroxide are the active ingredients within teeth whitening gels used by dentists. We talk more about choosing between the two in our.

Teeth whitening gel can expire and it should not be used past the expiration date. This is not because it is dangerous and poses a threat to your general health. The problem is that the chemicals will not be effective after the expiration date, meaning it is of no use to you. Gel typically expires 12 months after purchase, though some gels may lack an expiration date on them Featured collection. [EX2EX] Panacur C Canine Dewormer Treatment Three 1-Gram Packets, Each Packet Treats 10 lbs. Regular price $14.99. [EX2EX] Opalescence 35% PF Regular Refill Kit. Regular price $31.26

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When using trays, place only enough whitening gel to coat the surfaces of the teeth without squeezing out onto the gums. These tricks will help avoid this kind of minor damage. Helpful 3 people found this helpful. Marc Zive, DMD. MOST RECENT. June 6, 2018. Answer: What to Do when Gums Peel and Blister After Teeth Whiting Opalescence™ PF take-home whitening gel is a professional teeth whitener for use with customized whitening trays. Opalescence PF from Ultradent Products Inc. is a unique potassium nitrate plus fluoride formulation. The whitening gel contains 20% water to prevent dehydration, and the sticky, viscous formula helps keep the gel and tray in place Don't worry, the doctors of The Smile Center aren't about to take the fun out of your teeth whitening treatment by listing forbidden foods and drinks. Instead, good habits and dietary changes can help you enjoy your brighter, whiter smile for longer Every year, Americans spend millions of dollars on products to whiten their teeth. However, teeth whitening paste can be made at home in a simple and less costly way. Cream of tartar, also known as potassium bitartrate or potassium hydrogen tartrate, is an ingredient in many teeth whitening products and can be found in most kitchens Opalescence Opalescence offers one of the most popular and arguably the best take-away professional whitening products on the market. It is made by Ultradent and is available in 10%, 10% PF, 15% PF, 20% PF and 35% PF carbamide peroxide concentrations according to your bleaching and oral health needs

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Opalescence. Opalescence tooth whitening gel from Ultradent offers syringe delivered carbamide peroxide gels in 10, 15, 20 and 35 percent concentrations. Opalescence-35 is the strongest formulation considered safe for dentist advised teeth whitening at home Methods. One hundred dental students (DS) volunteers (35 males and 65 females) with normal color vision participated in the study. The spectral reflectance of 4 extracted human upper central incisors (UCI) and shade tabs from Vita Classical (VC) and Vita Toothguide 3D-Master (3D) shade guides were measured using a spectroradiometer (SP) under D65 illuminant (diffuse/0° geometry) inside a. Buy Opalescence 35% PF Regular Refill Kit online on Amazon.ae at best prices. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase These results are partially in accord with a study by Carlos et al. (2017) and Aka and Celik, 2017, which also showed an effective whitening effect when using Opalescence ® PF 10% (OP 10CP). In contrast, in the in-office group containing less than or equal to 6% HP, Philips ZOOM ® ! 6% (PZ 6HP) showed significantly better whitening effects compared to Magic White ® 0% (MW 0HP), and. but smaller for Opalescence 16%. Using a combination of in-office The present study evaluated the effects on teeth of in-office bleaching gels containing 35-40% hydrogen peroxide (HP) with.

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