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You don't need a top tier DPS to beat this, but you do need a pretty good tank and a bit of support with mitigation if possible! Thanks for watching.If you w.. Please those that have Bahamut this isn't for you. Yes there are probably a million better strategies, this is just a different one. The Team. Shantotto- - Dual Black Magic tornado x2. Had around 300-500 magic. Can't remember but dual tornado for chain building is her main role. Barbariccia - Dual Black Magic tornado x2 Bahamut (2★) Missions. Complete the Quest: 10x Esper Ore (Black) Use < 5 Items: 4★+ Summon Ticket. Finish Bahamut with LB: 10% Trust Moogle. No Deaths: [Materia] Dragon Killer+ (+75% Phys/Mag Damage to Dragon) Clear Videos. Youtube /u/Okabe666 5T All Missions

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1. Complete all Season 1 Story quest (Wandering Lands) 2. Head to Downtown Zoldaad and talk to the following NPC: 3. New Dungeon will be unlocked. Complete the Exploration by defeating Shadow Bahamut to acquire Rat Tail. 4. Put Rat Tail in item slot and challenge Bahamut I am trying to create a strategy for every trial where anyone using a provided friend unit can solo clear certain content. Reberta 6 Star. Right Hand: Crimson Blood +128ATK+Dragon Killer. Left Hand: Event FFBE Raid - Battle with Bahamut & Asura. Bonus Challenge, Batlle with the Visions of Bahamut & Asura

And thus, we finally tackle Bahamut...and 2-star Espers! Bahamut...I'm not sure HOW you're meant to do this without super cheese. There's ways of mitigating. This strategy is RNG-dependent as it relies on Bahamut being resistant to magic damage on Tifa's burst turn. Here to give you some odds: Perfect RNG: 30-40 turn clear with gearing shown in the video. Average RNG: 60-80 turn clear with gearing shown in the video. Screwed up RNG: go back to one corner to cry Bahamut 2* is nice all-around esper. Good stats, no elemental weakness, and a dozen 50% killers available. However being a jack-of-all type esper, he doesn't excel in anything. Other espers have useful abilities such as 20% HP, 20% Def, 20% Spr, or up to 125% killers and 70% elemental resistance available, so in many battles you will probably not use Bahamut 2* on your main units, thus he will. For Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius on the Android, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Bahamut 2 star no deaths My run through the Bahamut 2 star fight, got all missions. Team makeup was based on what units showed with dragon killer on borrow list. Unit overview at start

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After the battle you will have a chance to get 0-2 drop of Rat Tail, you need only 1 Rat Tail to fight a Bahamut but its good idea to get some more, then save progress with campfire spot. Before you will be able to fight Bahamut, you need to at least once complete stage after obtaining Rat's Tail, then set that Rat Tail as a one of your inventory items (like potion, elixir, phoenix down etc.)

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  1. For Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius on the Android, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Team Glex Otko's Bahamut 2* - Page 2
  2. Ushi beat bahamut with the stop bug on first day of release, its now the second day and they have patched stop bug on bahamut. You can no longer cause stop on bahamut. I did tried with 2 star golem summon plus Rikku aoe reraise plus ayakas aoe spirit buff and still ate shit after first turn
  3. Ffbe Bahamut 2 Star. Collected from the entire web and summarized to include only the most important parts of it. Can be used as content for research and analysis
  4. For Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius on the Android, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Rest in Peace Bahamut - Page 4
  5. Its finally here my dudes! Story reset comes to Global in a different way but man does it feel good to finally get it! We also get our first taste of Season 3 story and get our hands on Blue Mage Fina! On top of all that Bahamut gets a 2 star upgrade, Ability Awakenings for CNY units and free summons! NOICE! #ffbe #storyreset #bluemagefin
  6. An esper which resides in Carbuncle Grove in western Olderion. It has soft, jade fur, and sparkling red gems on its cheeks. Though much smaller than other espers, the power it holds within its tiny body is more than deserving of its classification. The ruby light it unleashes from the gems on its cheeks creates an invisible barrier said to be able to reflect magic. Carbuncle gains 1.5x.
  7. 8 See also. Espers are available in this game as unit enhancing feature and traditional summoning ability. You will unlock your first esper, Siren, as part of the story. Other espers can be obtained after defeating them in a dungeon. To gain benefits of an esper, you have to equip it to a unit, located in the units menu, just below the units

Strategy. Use Rikku's Hyper Nul All to Apply Luck x5 and Cheer x5 (the other buffs don't matter). If your Luck is in the 90s, you can also use Jinx on Bahamut to reduce his Luck. Make the character with Counter attack use Sentinel everytime that character's turn is up. Block Dark Bahamut's Megaflare with an Aeon Well mainly because I already have a decent set-up for AMoE I already breached 100 Chain. I am just looking to where I can do the harder content because I am struggling on it. i dont even have bahamut 2 star x.x and I Am very F2P so I dont have much luck with characters and maxing things ou Strategy. Most of the guides out there suggest taking down Typhon first (during stage 2). I'll be using them as a basis for this guide. Stage 1. Focus on Team-Buff and Osmose Ultros on Turn 1. Do not attack on turn 1 as it'll trigger an extra attack. Power and SPR Break is valid and to be used from Turn 2 onwards

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BASIC STRATEGY: So the strategy is actually quite simple, but also incredibly tedious. There's a lot of waiting. There's also a lot of death. Expect all your units to die multiple times throughout this fight, and don't get discouraged when your burst turns only do 1-2% damage. This is a war of attrition Level 68 Irvine. re: Can't beat Bahamut! Best strategy is to make sure at least one character is immune to STOP magic just to make sure he doesn't catch you out. Apart from that I'd say it is a. She is Tier SSSSS among the SRs. She can clear the 3 star Bahamut Beast's Den by herself because of her amazing Magic Resistance and the Bio Spell. Team her up with Christmas Vinera and Kitone and you have a well rounded trio of powerhouses

Strategy. Power and Magic Break works. Power Break doesn't work when HP <50%; Spirit Slayer effective; Only Fire, Ice, Lightning and Water elemental damage can be used. However, you will need to take note of what spells it cast to know which weakness it has during this turn. Eg 2. there are no real patterns but there are times when the good moogle fairy will visit and stay behind a door, getting to enter the door it is guarding reverses the probability (dafault: 1 correct door, 2 wrong doors, moogled: 2 correct doors, 1 wrong) I say this because encountering a moogle gets me 100% chance of getting to the last level until recently so I guess it just increases your. The Dreadnought. In a far away land, peace is set to come to an end. The emperor of Palamecia has summoned monsters to aid him in his plan to conquer the world. A group of young warriors have joined the rebel army in their fight against those in power. Rain and his friends are now to witness their attempt to infiltrate and destroy the empire. Wowpedia. 4,776,087 Edits; 74,243 Contributors; 475,715 Articles; Leaguepedia | League of Legends Wiki. 509,468 Edits; 9,539 Contributors; 355,309 Articles; Dota 2. Dark Bahamut is an optional boss in the International, PAL, and HD Remaster versions of Final Fantasy X. He can be fought by returning to Zanarkand Dome after obtaining the Fahrenheit, in the spot where the party fought Yunalesca. The theme for the battle is called Challenge. He must be defeated to acquire the Sun Crest for Tidus' Celestial Weapon Caladbolg if the player forgot to obtain.

Rarity, 1-star - Bahamut Ffbe. 985*876. 0. 0. PNG. Karaoke Arkansas - All Star Singles 1 /: All Star Singles 1 / Various. 1938*659. 0. 0. PNG. 060005 - Star Brite Battery Box Tie Down, 1 1/2-inch X 42 Inch. 423*900. 0. 0. PNG. The Second Death Star - Death Star 1 Vs Death Star 2. 1280*1280. 0. 0. PNG. Stormtrooper Legendary - Star. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a free-to-play role-playing game developed by A-Lim and published by Square Enix for iOS and Android devices. The story follows the journey of Rain, Lasswell and Fina in their battle to protect the great crystals of Lapis.Thanks to the power of visions, it features characters that have appeared in previous games in the series, such as Cecil Harvey, Shadow and Exdeath In this episode, we talk about the new 2 star Bahamut and how awesome he is!We also go over our preliminary thoughts on Blue Mage Fina and the high hopes for the blue mage class. We also discuss our e... - Lyssna på Episode 77: Hark! Ye of Fair Eyes! 2 star Bahamut, Blue Mage Fina and Mini's Arena Rant av FFBE Podcast direkt i din mobil, surfplatta eller webbläsare - utan app FFX-2 - Yuna, Rikku, Pain FFXI - Lilisette, Shantotto FXIV - Witch Y'shtola KH - Sephiroth, Riku Valkyrie Profile - Lezard, Mystina, Aelia FFBE - Jan-Pinyon, Rain Ifrist, Fina Bahamut, Sol Diablos, Akstar Asura, Immortal Flame Katy Perry SINoAlice - Alice, Snow White, Grete Ladies and gentlemen, in association with the Gamemakers of Doom I invite you to our time-limited Chamber of Arms challenge! @miao_the_cat @RaagisEd..

Ffbe Esper Guide - Category Espers Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki : You can equip espers to any unit you want and gain the.. if you like my content, please consider.We use our back to basic's squad in an. Final fantasy brave exvius english guide. Trial of the pure heart. This guide will cover tetra sylphid the newest esper coming to final fantasy brave exvius Are master Materia worth it? Master Magic: Definitely worth it. With 21 Magic Materia, it's impossible to equip every Materia to one character. At most you can equip 16, but even if you do this'll really cut down your strength and HP stats (albeit it'll raise your magic) Got 206k (16768 damage) on Bahamut 1 and 251k (11160 damage) on Bahamut 2. After A LOT of work; holy moly that second Bahamut was crazy. Clocked in at 297 rank. Hopefully that's enough of a lead to stay sub-500 for two more days Sol, born as Heliarc, is a major antagonist in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. A member of Hess' Eight Sages, he serves as the final antagonist nearing the end of Season One, and a recurring opponent and supportive character in Season Two. He debuts in the Pharm chapter. Conceptually, he serves as Rain's foil and arch-nemesis, being his exact opposite and seeking to destroy him, finding joy in. Ffbe bahamut strategy. Ffbe bahamut 3 star. Ffbe bahamut 2 star. Ffbe bahamut 2 star guide. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords. City of garland residential permits 1 . Austin tenants council roommate 2 . Opm gs pay table 2017 3 . Kns takedown pin set 4

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【FFBE】CG Summer Fina & Daisy 2020 & All BE Original . In this episode, we talk about the new 2 star Bahamut and how awesome he is! We also go over our preliminary thoughts on Blue Mage Fina and the high hopes for the blue mage class. We also discuss our early feelings on Season 3 of FFBE (why is Fina in a bad porn?) An event (イベント, Ibento?) is an activity in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, marked by the opening of a special dungeon banner in the Dimensional Vortex over a pre-announced period of time. Events are free and do not require players to spend accumulated Lapis upon entry. Most events have a theme based.. Mises à jour futures. Attention: Cette liste des prochaines mises à jour se base sur l'historique de la version japonaise.Certains changements sont opérés pour la version globale, notamment les bannières d'invocation de personnages et certains événements. Utilisez cette liste comme une estimation très incertaine des futurs changements dans le jeu et non comme une vérité absolue Super Ribbon (スーパーリボン, Sūpā Ribon?) is a recurring accessory, being the upgrade of the Ribbon. It generally provides all the bonuses that the Ribbon provides, but also includes other side effects or bonuses that the Ribbon itself does not, usually in the form of protecting against Instant Death which the Ribbon generally does not do. 1 Appearances 1.1 Crisis Core -Final Fantasy. Contents1 Introduction2 What Dark Characters to ticket/use?2.1 Other character questions:3 Weapon Grid: 3.1 Claw or Axes? 3.2 Bahamut Weapon 3.3 How many Cortanas? 4 Grid Progression Guide5 End Weapon Build Examples5.1 Axe Build5.2 Claw Build5.3 Mixed Build6 Summons Introduction Hello, welcome to my dark guide. This is a basic guide for players with dark questions to be answered

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GNN 新聞網 - 巴哈姆特. 08 月 27 日. 手機. 台灣原創 IP 改編遊戲《瀕臨絕種團劇場》雙平台上架 經營劇場捍衛野生保育動物 42 個人說推!. 由曾製作. how to beat asura ffbe While under 20% health, Asura will begin to use things like ST death (ignores resist), AoE physical damage over time (can't be removed or covered), and more fixed attacks that bypass cover/evade Episode 2 - Tyro has restored the Battle Records held in the paintings, protecting the world from a terrible threat from beyond. Now as their investigation continues, they discover an ominous magic emanating from mysterious Corrupted Paintings. But these paintings do not hold Battle Records like the others Shui Yu EX+2 (Brave shift LB Finisher) Shui Yu EX+0 (Chainer) Shui Yu EX+0 (Chainer) All Shui Yu are my own, so gears aren't that great. I did this for the challenge since this trial isn't that hard. All missions done in 5 turns. Fight is relatively easy compared to Scorn of Asura and Bahamut EXT. Summer Faisy did typical magic tank abilities

Season 3 & Bahamut 2 Star! - [FFBE] Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Its finally here my dudes! Poppy's STMR is good for just short chaining support strategies, specially if using a single Tag-unit just for chaining support, this will make it almost instantly reach max chain multiplier instantly FFBE tier List 2021 N-Tier Architecture . The best deals of the season are here. Shop now for skills that fulfill your goals. Join millions of students learning new skills that make them stand out ; FFBE Tier List 2021 C-Tier We have characters on this tier who might work, particularly if all of their abilities are properly synergized, but for the most part, it's not worth the effort to evolve. Update3.2 - updated undead, the AOBscans were defected and it injected the code on a wrong place. it's fixed now. - updated ignore gil, it covers the car fast travel's expense now. also it separates into 2 scripts with slightly different function now. read description for details. - forgot to mentioned the max stamina I've added some update. Players keep spending thousands of dollars on Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. It was my birthday and I had to have Elza.. This middle-aged, married man, going by Nothing024 on Reddit, missed out. Both Dragon and Bahamut clearly starts moving forward very soon after attacking, and not the backswing time that you would calculate (59f and 239f respectively) JulietCat pointed out 2 categories of cats that can't be explained by my explanation, this is one of them, the other is cats like Delivery and Surfer

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  1. You get the chance to get 2 of these every month, collect 10 and you can select nearly any 5* base unit you want. With 8 of them you can select a prism, which is a cheaper way of getting a unit to 7*, so these are pretty valuable, try getting the two tickets every month. Useful Links Exvius Wiki FFBE Reddit FFBE Unit Builder Disclaime
  2. Her season 2 form, Lotus Mage Fina, is particularly notable, as she doesn't have any spell to restore hit points until she's awakened to a six-star form. However, when she reaches level 100, only Ayaka competes with her in terms of potency with white magic, and as an enhanced 7-star, she far surpasses Ayaka due to her access to Dualcast, elemental resistances, Reraise for the party and many.
  3. g API, with no explanation ().Alternatives. You can try using one of these other sites (not managed by me): gbf-raidfinder.la-foret.m
  4. FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS FF Brave Exvius adalah game kolaborasi antara Square-Enix dan Alim (developer mobile game Brave Frontier) yang akan dirilis di Jepang pada musim dingin tahun ini untuk iOS dan Android. CHARACTERS Hero - Rain Heroine - Fina Rival - Laswell dan tokoh2 Final Fantasy kiri : Rain (kiri), Laswell (tengah) dan Fina (kanan) kanan : party vs Ochu dan Microchu dari FF XIII terlih
  5. Classement des récompenses de confiance absolue. Le tableau ci-dessous liste les récompenses de confiance absolues, classées par la note subjective attribuée par l'équipe du site à chacune. Un filtrage permet de restreindre les TMR à un emplacement d'équipement précis : Filtrer : -- sélectionnez une option -- Arme Bouclier Tête Torse.
  6. Aggravate +2 is a two turn 100% provoke that also lets him ignore the next three physical attacks taken. This can make him a great evade tank, similar to Noctis! Vortex enables Fohlen to AoE imperil wind by 50%. It's not a huge deal, but AoE imperils are rare, wind ones doubly so
  7. I did Odin and Ramuh three star and they were super easy but I got wrecked on Bahamut. I haven't looked at the builds for him but I have 7 star Basch and I do have a Chow that I haven't levelled up yet but could probably get to 7 star. If Basch is good enough I can give him Rinoa's STMR and some other resists

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The Top Gaming and App Walkthroughs Straight from Japan! Game8 delivers the latest in gaming news, walkthrough information, and other useful tools so that you can get the most out of your gaming experience! Our pages for popular apps and new games are being updated every minute I didn't realize just how long Season 2 of FFBE was. I'm here trying to get through what I can and with just an hour left on the 1/2 NRG, I'm only getting to the fifth area in Visectrum. Guess Edel's weapon will have to wait till the next NRG event. I did go from 1.3k lapis to about 27k though so I guess I'll be able to run a step-up of. Ultima, the High Seraph is an Esper that can be found in the world of Ivalice. Ultima represents the zodiac sign of Virgo and she is associated to the element Holy. She has appeared in several Final Fantasy games as a summon, and she is often depicted as an angel-like being with multiple wings on its back. Battle Strategy Last Updated: 2020/3/2 05:42. Mar 27, 2021 · FFBE 1909: Gilgamesh (WOTV FFBE) Chaos Wave Awakened Absolute Mirror of Equity: 5★ 7★ Rare Summon: Collaboration-WOTV FFBE 1693: Sakura of the Delta Star: 5★ 7★ Rare Summon--FFBE 1696: Nichol of the Epsilon Star: Aureole Ray Flood: 5★ 7★ Rare Summon--FFBE 1699: Colundo: 4★ 6★ Rare. The Square Enix Store is the official shop for Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, soundtracks, merchandise, video games and exclusive collector's editions

Final Fantasy XIII-2 doesn't capture Lightning in a bottle, but it's still a fun and heartfelt role-playing adventure. By Kevin VanOrd on January 28, 2012 at 1:00PM PS BROWARD COMPUTER RECYCLING Search: Search Rising Force. Rage against conformity and bend the skies to the will of the thrash. Level bonuses are earned with levels 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20. MC has a maximum charge bar limit of 200%. and 20% boost to DEF to Harp-specialty allies. to an ally that uses charge attack (Max: 3). Search - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet

Behemoth is anElder Dragonfirst introduced in Monster Hunter: World. 1 Physiology 2 Behavior and Abilities 3 Useful Information 4 Known Habitats 5 Game Appearances 5.1 Main Series 5.2 Frontier 5.3 Spin-offs 6 In-Game Description 7 Game Data 7.1 Physiology 7.2 Rewards 8 Notes 9 References The Behemoth is a creature from another world. It is a colossal quadruped with purple skin and little hair. Ffbe best units 2020. 2. Jan 06, 2021 · December 20, 2020 at 2:55 am So for a dark slash team the same applies to KoR Sterne (no more access to double attack though!) which means that you can effectively have 3 units whithout AP issues (Vinera, KoR Sterne and bells user) If you have a SPR breaker, buffer, and 2 chainers, my Zyrus will 1shot him. You just have to start the level, go back and fill the LB gauge and then go fight him. Super easy. Also, to get the other missions, you just have to do them when you start at the summit, you don't have to actually do them in the bahamut fight (summon esper, etc)

• 2000 accumulated interactions - Guaranteed Ticket (4★/5★/NV)×2 (like/love/wow, comments, shares, retweet, and twitter likes included)-How to Participate-1. Follow any of the official Twitter or Facebook accounts of FFBE. 2. React to the designated FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS x FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Community Challenge posts Reminder: Check https://redd.it/5v3ubd or click the headers for reddit Nightmare dungeon guide. This guide does not cover the boss mechanics already covered there. This guide does not guarantee all mastery objectives complete, so make sure to double check them if you are aiming for them. The strats mentioned should allow you to finish at least [ This is probably one of the best Final Fantasy and biggest by far, it crosses over nearly everything Square Enix related and using the classic pixel art style. Even the game continues to be updated with new content for people to experience in pixel art style, with Kingdom Hearts III and soon Kingdom Hearts III's DLC Re:Mind Jan 22, 2017 - Explore taurkil's board Final Fantasy brave exvius playthrough on Pinterest. See more ideas about final fantasy, brave, fantasy Ffbe best units 2020. Shining Sunlight Alley . Wilmgaard and Miniado talk about the latest updates in FFBE. 111. Status ones help prevent things like poison, stop, stone, as well as some that help prevent having your attack, magic, defense, and spirit [FFBE] Mazurka and SSJ Raegen arrive next time on FFBEZ So, won't be the best unit for DV outside of the final stage

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  1. Final Fantasy - Opus 13 - Crystal Radiance - Booster Box (36 Packs) £92.95 As low as £89.95. Out of stock. Quickview. Final Fantasy - Opus 13 - Crystal Radiance - Booster Pack. Final Fantasy - Opus 13 - Crystal Radiance - Booster Pack. £2.85 As low as £2.75. Add to Basket. Quickview
  2. The Global Exclusive podcast is an unofficial Final Fantasy Brave Exvius podcast. Hosted by the people behind the FFBE Wiki Unit Rankings, as well as the FFBE GL Best Unit Tier List, we aim to give you a ton of banter between a bunch of nerds that like FFBE, but also trial strategies, unit ratings and more
  3. Ffbe Rosa White Mage Rosa - Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wik . Rosa (Final Fantasy IV) Invocation : Invocation avec les Tickets d'invocation rare et les lapis: TMR : Arc de la déesse: Équipement : Unités. Ce personnage se décline en 3 unités : numéro nom icône; 292: 4 Rosa: 293: 5 Rosa: 885: 6 Rosa: Améliorations.Tir acéré : Description : Coup critique sur un ennemi: Puissance : 100%.
  4. Finally we know the numbers on Behemy, and it's a great unit to talk about! We also discover Muspel's fursona, and talk about where the other S3 units might be. Join us! Join our Discord for exclusive after-talk content! https://discord.gg/Y9JkMfN Global Exclusive is a Final Fantasy Brave Exvius weekly podcast, by the people that give you the Gamepedia Wiki Unit Rankings
  5. g Speed, Buff Denial >Ultimate Iroha >2020Evo Akis
  6. Zodiac Weapons Binding Coil of Bahamut Alexander Omega Crystal Takao Ramuh (Masamune) posted a new blog entry, 【FF14とはまったくもって無関係な話】FFBE幻影戦争 優良誤認 措置命令 なぜこの件だけ?.-Azur Sky. 2 Kieran Bloodstone. Spriggan (Chaos) 3 Acxa Marmora. Coeurl.

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มาร่วมกับพวกเราที่. wotv odin build. ไม่มีหมวดหมู่ » wotv odin buil Almost all ETAs are exactly that, Estimated Times of Arrival. Most won't be exact by the time they actually make it to Global, but at least a week by week progression allows us to see whereabouts these events will appear. A week at the end of every 3rd month is skipped to account for the usual week off we get for festivals

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The Behemoth is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, and Kingdom Hearts χ. It is found in Hollow Bastion, End of the World and the 40th seed of the Hades Cup in Kingdom Hearts and is a boss in Olympus Coliseum's Layer 25 in Re:coded ffbe equip fist Try our super easy online intro maker and know how to make an amazing online video intro in few easy steps. In my previous post, I explained how I added the possibility to directly select one of the unit skill to build for, instead of selecting a default goal or using a custom formula.Custom formula is a powerfull tool, but it's complexity can be a little daunting This week, safe and sound from their respective homes, Galen The SoundGuy Firestone, Ranakel and Dez discuss the following topics: FFBE Global FFX event, featuring Star Player Tidus, Yunalesca, and the free blue mage Kimahri Old FFX units banner Enhancements for Auron and Lulu Also series boss battle, braska's final aeon Valkyrie Anatomia Melody of the Captive part 2: now introducing Black. May 11, 2020 - Become a patron of Tauraxus today: Get access to exclusive content and experiences on the worldâ s largest membership platform for artists and creators. 2. 4th Place â Yâ SHTOLA. It rightfully deserves to be in a category of its own. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Limit Break cost character shards with the count of 40/80/120/160/200, which.